Trail Yoga

The Practice of Yoga

The asana, or the practice of yoga is to accept where your body is that day, without judgement. It is not about touching your toes or even doing the pose exactly perfect.  If you aren't connected to your prana (breath), you aren't doing yoga.  Open your body and allow the breath to flow freely and easily.  Then learn to take that breath into life.  We put ourselves in these weird positions and learn to breathe comfortable in them.  That way when when life put us in  weird situations, we know how to breathe through it.  Even as simply as helping you learn to control your breath in a hike.

Limited Studio Classes Available

Come join me for two complimentary yoga classes.  These classes will be held at Spirit of Yoga in Tempe.  Check out me events below of dates and time.

Nature and Yoga

I have always felt most at peace when I am in nature and when I do yoga.  Come hiking with me in search of a perfect place to practice yoga.  I will lead you through a transformational class.  I invite you to come connect with nature and your breath.

Trail Yoga

No upcoming events.